Digital Rebels Present at APPlied Club December Meetup

On Saturday December 15, 2012 APPlied Club hosted the December Meetup at Patapsco. It was a full day event where students from various APPlied Club teams around the county could come together to learn and work. There were professionals from the community speaking about topics related to app development and in the afternoon we worked on a new project for school apps.

The Digital Rebels team wanted to share our expertise on creating video trailers as a way to promote and market your apps or games. We created this presentation as a way to share what we have learned about app promotion through videos.

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Kenneth Participates in Startup Weekend Edu

From Friday November 30 until Sunday December 2, participants in Baltimore’s Startup Weekend Education worked together over 54 hours to create products or services based on ideas that were shared on Friday evening. Shawn and I worked with two student-led teams. It was a pleasure to work with students who are so driven and inspiring.

One of our APPlied Club members from Patapsco, Kenneth Bradley, participated in one of the student teams that worked on a student idea – UnblockEdTech. He was an awesome addition to this team made up of mostly students. He used his skills from APPlied Club and all the knowledge he has learned about Xcode from our meetings to build an app prototype for the product. The team also built an Android app and a website.

UnblockEdTech team hard at work

It is so rewarding to see students come together to work on each other’s ideas and build solutions to their problems and address concerns in their own ways. This is what APPlied Club is all about!

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Game Jam 2!

Today the Patapsco APPlied Club members have gathered together again for another game jam! We’re all working very diligently on Hall Sweep.

This morning we all showed up ready to work and finish the game. However, some of us showed up with a little more luggage than the others.

Kenneth and Jake brought all of their gear.

Today our goal is to finish the game completely and have a final copy. We’ve all designed our own characters for the game and we’re working to put them into the game scene.

Working hard!

Keep checking for updates! We can’t wait to share our completed game with you!

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Game Jam! Update #3

We’ve all been working very hard today, and we’ve gotten a lot completed for game, Hall Sweep!

Our mid-day scrum meeting to talk about what we’ve worked on so far.

A good amount of the artwork has been designed and put in place for the game. We have each experienced some struggles while coding today, but we’ve worked together to solve our problems and find the solutions.

For the most part, we have completed the majority of our assigned pages and we are all very proud of the work we’ve  done.

Ali sharing her completed Game Summary page.

For this game we decided we would like to include a soundtrack. We have never done this before, but we were all willing to take on this challenge to make this game just a little more advanced.

Here is a video of Matt sharing the soundtrack that he created for the Title page and the Game Play page:

We’ve been working very hard all weekend, and we are so excited to be working on our first game of the year! We can’t wait to share Hall Sweep! with all of you. Keep checking the blog for more updates about our game process.

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Game Jam! Update #2

Last night we wrapped up Day One at about 8pm. Each student created a prototype layout of their screen using placeholder images and did a great job of working on their own. Today, our goal is to finish with a functioning prototype of the skeleton of the game. Here are a few of the screen prototypes:

Ali created the Game Summary screen

Matt created the High Scores screen

Artwork is coming along nicely as well. The Title Screen is mostly finished as well as two of the three backgrounds we need for the Game Play Screen. By the end of the day we should have a main character and buttons for the game.

We hosted a Google Hangout for the last two hours of the day yesterday to make it easier to ask and answer questions, which was a lot of fun.

Kenneth working on the About screen

Shawn advising Jake on the Game Play screen

Here is Courtney explaining her prototype of the Title screen. She built this prototype from her sketch (which we shared in the Game Jam! Update #1 post) and today will make the buttons work and add in the final artwork.


Ali is responsible for creating the Game Summary screen, which will show after each round in the game to give your stats from the round. She did a great job building this prototype.

Hall Sweep! is coming along nicely and we can’t wait to share the full functioning prototype with you once it’s ready. Check back in throughout the day today for more updates on our progress.

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Game Jam! Update #1

This weekend the Patapsco APPlied Club (and honorary member, Matt Cole) is participating in a Game Jam! We are working on our brand new project – a game called Hall Sweep! We are meeting all day Friday and Saturday to get as much work done on our new game as we can in the time we have.

We started the day by getting all of our gear setup, which was more time consuming for some of us.

Kenneth & Jake taking over the dining room

After we got all setup, we spent some time reviewing our jobs for the weekend and the screen assignments. We each created an enemy for the game and we decided on all of the game play and flow. After we made all of these decisions, we each sketched out our screens and made a list of all of the assets we will need.

Courtney explains her sketch for the Hall Sweep! Title Screen:

Matt explains his sketch for the Hall Sweep! High Scores Screen:

Once we had our sketches complete and the list of assets done, our Project Manager Ali, conducted our first scrum meeting of the day to review each of screens, make suggestions, and review the asset list.

Ali leads our first scrum meeting of the day

Right now we are programming a prototype of each of our screens. Stay tuned for more updates throughout this evening and tomorrow!

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October 9th Meeting

Our meeting this week was packed full of information and planning, so I’m just going to give you all an overview.

The meeting began with the announcement of our new team name, Digital Rebels, that we were all able to vote on. Also, each student in the club was assigned a position for our first project. These positions include project manager, communications specialist, technical director, and art director. We were all very excited about these positions, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

The biggest news of this meeting was the first steps in planning our newest app! We are using the game JetPack Joyride as our inspiration for our next school themed game. Our main character will be our school mascot, the Patriot, and he will have to make it around the halls of our school without getting caught by administration, teachers, and fellow students. We planned the basic concept of the game, and began artwork for the screens including the about, title, game play, summary, and high score pages.

I don’t want to spoil the game ahead of time, so keep your eye out for more posts with more information. We are very excited to start our first project of the year, and we can’t wait to share our journey with you!

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APPlied Club: Back in Action!

The Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts APPlied Club is back for another year, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our club consists of four students who have returned from last year – Courtney, Ali, Kenneth, and Jake.

Our first meeting was held on September 24th. We talked about what we would be working on this year, and what our goals for the year are. At our second meeting we jumped right into coding, and completed a Hello World project.

Each week the students will be sent home with a challenge to be completed on their own time. They are not required to complete these challenges, but if they choose to do so, they can earn badges, which is a new and exciting feature this year.

So far we’re off to a great start and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us!

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Vote on Our Team name

This poll is for voting on our Team Name for APPlied Club. Each person gets three votes. Use them wisely!

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Welcome to the 2012-2013 APPlied Club!

We are very excited to be starting our second year of APPlied Club at Patapsco tomorrow! We are hoping to see a couple familiar faces from last year and definitely hoping that we have a bunch of new faces in our meetings this year. If you are at all interested in knowing more about what it takes to build mobile apps, please consider joining us! Our first meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday September 18 at 2:30 in the Library.

Feel free to peek around the website and take a look at the projects we completed last year and some of the events we hosted. This year promises to be chock-full of good times, production, and LOTS of new opportunities and learnings. We are thrilled that we have at least 2 other APPlied Club teams in Baltimore County this year and we are looking forward to working together with these other teams as much as possible.

Make sure to check back frequently to find out about all the awesome things we will be working on this year!

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